20 Important Chemistry Questions and Answer for rrb je

20 Important Chemistry Questions and Answer for rrb je

20 Important Chemistry Questions and Answer for rrb je exam

1). Chalk powder in water is an example of_________.
 a) Saturated solution 
b) Unsaturated solution
 c) suspension
 d) Colloidal

2). The particle size of the solute in true solution is_______. 
a) 1 Å – 10 Å
 b) 10 Å - 100 Å 
c) 100 Å - 1000 Å 
d) More than1000 Å

3). Tyndall effect is producted by________. 
a) True solutions of light 
b) Scattering of light 
c) Refraction of light
 d) Movement of particles 

 4). The particle size in a colloidal solution is _______. 
a) 1 Å – 10 Å
b) 10 Å - 2000 Å 
c) More than 2000 Å 
d) Less than 1 Å 

 5). The particle size in a suspension is_______.
 a) 1 Å – 10Å
 b) 10 Å - 2000 Å 
c) More than 2000 Å 
d) Less than 1 Å

6).Isotopes are the atoms of same element, with same atomic number. But with different __________.
a) Atomic number 
b) Mass number 
c) Number of electrons 
d) Chemical nature

7).6C12 and 6C14 are _________. 
a) Isotopes 
b) Isobars 
c) Isomers 
d) Molecules 

8).Atomicity of oxygen in ozone molecule is____________.
 a) 1 
b) 2 
c) 3 
d) 4 

9).Atomicity of primary gases is__________. 
a) 1 
b) 2 
c) 3
d) 4

10).Nitrogen in soil is an example for_______. 
a) True solution 
b) saturated 
c) super saturated 
d) unsaturated 

11).Fog is a solution of ________. 
a) Liquid in gas 
b) Gas in liquid 
c) Solid in gas
d) Gas in gas 

12).The Greek term ‘atomos’ means ___________. 
a) divisible 
b) indivisible 
c) macro molecule 
d) soft sphere 

13) Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry ?
a) Ruterford
b) Einstein
c) Lavoisier
d) C.V. Raman

14).The nucleus of a hydrogen atom consists of
A.1 proton only
B.1 proton + 2 neutron
C.1 neutron only
D.1 electron only

15).The most important ore of aluminium is

16). Which acid is present in lemon ?
a) marlic acid
b) citric acid
c) lactic acid
d) tartaric acid

17).The human body is made up of several chemical elements; the element present in the highest proportion (65%) in the body is

18). What among following is used to produce artificial rain ?
a) copper oxide
b) carbon monoxide
c) silver iodide
d) silver nitrate

19) The mass number of a nucleus is
A.always less than its atomic number
B.the sum of the number of protons and neutrons present in the nucleus
C.always more than the atomic weight
D.a fraction

20)The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor
A.react with U to release energy
B.produce neutrons
C.undergo combustion which triggers the nuclear fission
D.convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons

1   Answer is: c) 
2   Answer is: a)
3  Answer is: b)
4  Answer is: b)
5  Answer is: c)
6   Answer is: b) 
7 Answer is: a)
8  Answer is: c) 
9  Answer is: b)
10 Answer is: b) 
11 Answer is: a)
12 Answer is: b)
13 answer is c)
14 Answer: is A
15 Answer: is A
16 Answer: is B
17 Answer:is C
18 Answer: is C
19 Answer: is B
20 Answer: is D

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