Slopes and Deflections

Slopes and Deflections

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Introduction of Slope and deflection
Methods for determining slope and deflection
1 Double integration method (Slopes and Deflections)
2 Macaulay's method ( Slopes and Deflections)
3 Area moment method ( Slopes and Deflections)
4 Conjugate beam method ( Slopes and Deflections)
5 Strain energy method ( Slopes and Deflections)
6. Method of superposition ( Slopes and Deflections)
7 Application of maxwell's reciprocal theorem (Slopes and Deflections)

Deflection of a beam: The deflection at any point on the axis of the beam is the distance between its position before and after loading.
Slope of a beam: slope at any section in a deflected beam is defined as the angle in radian which the tangent at the section makes with the original axis of the beam.
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