PCC Cement IS 1489: 1991

PCC Cement IS 1489: 1991

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Cement IS 1489: 1991

•  PCC Cementis manufactured by opc clinker with latest amendment it is 15 to 35%
• The pozzolonic materials generally used for manufacture of ppc are cacinet clay fly ash
• Fly ash is a waste material generated in the thermal power station when powered coal is used as fuel
• Calcium hydroxide + pozzolona + water - C-S-H gel
• Ppc produces less heat of hydration and offer greater resistance to the attack of aggressive mass of water
than opc
• Gt reducing leaching of calcium hydroxide when used in hydraulic structures
• Gt is generally used in marine and hydraulic structure construction and other mass concrete
Advantage of PPC
• Costly clinker is replaced by cheaper pozzolonic materials cheaper in cost
• Soluble CaOH is converted into insoluble cementeous products results in improvement permeability
durable for hydraulic structure and marine works
• Its generates reduced heat of hydration and that too at low rate
• Ppc being finer than opc and also due to pozzolonic action it improves pore size distribution and reduce micro crack .
• Fly ash is finer and lower density the bulk volume of 50 kg bag is slightly more than opc gives more volume of mortar than opc.


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