Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

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Rainwater harvesting  is an innovation utilized for gathering and putting away water from housetops, the land surface or shake catchments utilizing basic methods, for example, rooftop top rain water collecting strategy or surface rain water harvesting technique.
Need for rainwater harvesting 
There are many reasons but following are some of the ones.
To beneficiate water quality in aquifers.
To conserve surface water runoff during monsoon.
To reduce soil erosion
To inculcate a culture of water conservation.
Where can rainwater harvesting is used ?
Hilly areas where ground water table is low where it is not possible to extract ground water or have no other water sources.
In urban areas where water is expensive, for washing, and gardening and to prevent local flooding.
In public and commercial buildings with large use of water.
Ways of rainwater harvesting 
Roof top rain water harvesting system

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Surface runoff rain water harvesting

source Deccan Chronicle
The problem 

World face the dual problem of...

  flood and drought

Uses/ Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting
Water collected from roof catchments usually is of acceptable quality for domestic purposes. Water supply (Domestic, Industrial & Agriculture) Water Saving,  ( as supplementary source) Flooding control,  Ground water recharging Improve quality of ground water.
Disadvantages of rainwater harvesting technologies are mainly due to the limited supply and uncertainty of rainfall. 

This may make rainwater harvesting less attractive to some governmental agencies tasked with providing water supplies in developing countries. 

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