Made easy Rcc and Psc Class notes 2019

Made easy Rcc and Psc Class notes 2019

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rcc made easy class note 2019

2. Limit State Method
3. Singly Reinforced Rectangular Section
4. Doubly Reinforced Rectangular Section
5. Flanged Section
6. Design of Beam
7. Shear
8. Bond and Detailing
9. Torsion
10. Compression Member
11. Slab
12. Foundation
13. Analysis of PSC Member
14. Pre-Stress Losses
15. Additional Topics of PSC
16. Retaining Wall
17. Working Stress Method
18. Water Tank
19. Staircase
20. Earthquake Design
21. Masonry Design
22. Important Tables and Graphs of IS 456: 2000

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