Various types of pressure pipes

Various types of pressure pipes

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Cast iron pipes

These pipes are resistant against corrosion ,have long life 
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(100 years) ,strong and durable moderate in cost ,easy to join .
They can not withstand pressure above 700 KN/㎡ ,are likely to
break during joining  or transportation .These pipes are used as distribution Main .

Steel pipes 

These pipes can withstand high pressure as they are strong in tension but can not take heavy external load or vacuum .
Hence  these pipes are used as pumping main . These pipes are susceptible to corrosion ,have high maintenance cost and shortened life ( 25 - 50 years) . These pipes are light weight hence offer low transportation  cost .

Reinforced Concrete pipes 

They can resist external compressive load and do not collapse under vacuum pressure .These are resistance to corrosion but undergo H2S corrosion .They are strong and have life of 75 years . They are strong and have life of 75 years .They are difficult to be repaired , are bulky and making connection in them is difficult job. They end to leak due to shrinkage cracks  
and porosity. 

Vitrified Clay pipes 

These are not used as pressure pipes but are used to carry sewage and drainage at partial depth . These are free from corrosion and provide a smooth hydraulically efficient surface .

Asbestos pipes 

These pipes are light hence easy to transport .These are highly resistance to corrosion ,highly flexible thus requires less joint in their layout. They provide a smooth hydraulically efficient surface and their discharge carrying capacity do not reduce with time.They are costly ,week, brittle and soft hence are liable to get damaged during transportation.

G I pipes 

They can withstand acidic and alkaline action of water.

Hume steel pipes 

These are thin steel pipes coated with cement mortar from inside using centrifugation . These are highly resistance against corrosion.

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