Ultrasonic pulse velocity test

Ultrasonic pulse velocity test

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Ultrasonic pulse velocity test identify the quality  of concrete.It is Non Destructive test.
The principle of this test is based upon the fact that the velocity in solids .Depends  upon the modulus of elasticity and density of solid.
The apparatus of this test consist of a transmitter and receiver.
source :IndiaMART

Transmitter is used to generate the pulse of ultrasonic frequency i.e. detected by the receiver placed on the face of the specimen.

The time required by the pulse to travel through the known distance in the specimen is noted which is further used to calculate the velocity of the pulse is related with the quality of concrete under the test .

Result of this test is depends upon several factors as: 
Smoothness of the surface under the test.
Temperature of the specimen .
Reinforcement used in the specimen

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