Types of Precipitation

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Types of Precipitation

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It denotes all the different process by which moisture reaches the earth surface from the atmosphere .
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Following are the different types of precipitation 
Rain :
 This is most the most dominant form of precipitation in India and it denotes water droplets
which sizes varies from 0.5mm to 6 mm . 
On the basis of intensity rainfall is classified as 

 0 - 2.5 mm/hour          Light 
2.5 -7.5 mm/hour         Medium
>7.5 mm/hour              heavy 
India annual average rainfall =119 cmm 
These are ice crystal having a density of 0.1 g/cc.
These are fine droplets of water whose size is less than .5 mm and intensity is less then 1 mm/hour .
When droplets of water comes in contact with cold ground surface (approximately at 0 degree celsius ) then droplets of water is converted into ice .which is called as Glaze .
These frozen rain drop of transparent in nature 
These are lumps of ice which are greater than 8 mm called Hail.
 if lumps smaller than 5 mm called as Graupel.

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