strength of materials handwritten notes

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strength of materials handwritten notes

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Chapter :
1 Properties of materials
2 Simple stress -strain and elastic constants
3 shear force and Bending moment 
4 Principal stress 
5 Theory of failure 
6 Deflection of beam 
7 Torsion of shaft
8 Pressure vessels
9 Column theory 
10 Springs
11 Principal axis and principal MOI
12 Shear centre 
pdf of som ,handwritten notes of strength of material

Strength of material is the branch of science which deals with the influence of the loading on the deformable elastic body based on the HOOK'S law.

Difference between stress and strength 
By applying load if stress is developed less then strength of material ,material will be safe .
Stress can be varies in material which depend on load applied and area of cross section.


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