Stability Of structure

Stability Of structure

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Stability of structure is following types :
External stability : It deals with support reaction .
Internal stability : It deals with the stability within the structure .

 External stability : For a structure to be stable externally minimum number of reaction is required is equal to three .Corresponding to three equilibrium equation ,we require a minimum of three reaction to kept the structure in stable condition .These three reaction must be non concurrent and non parallel .If the three reaction are parallel then rigid body translation takes place . If the three reaction are concurrent then rigid body rotation takes places.

If three reaction are present and structure becomes unstable because of their improper arrangement  then it is called Geometrically unstable structure.
If without developing any stress ,if a body translate or rotates ,then it is called rigid body translation and rigid body rotation.
If a body undergoes rigid body translation and rigid body rotation then it is called a mechanism .Mechanism imply that structure is unstable.

Internal stability : it deals with the stability within the structure .

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