Soil mechanics handwritten notes

Soil mechanics handwritten notes

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1 Properties of soil 
2 Classification of soils 
3 Permeability 
4 Compressibility and consolidation 
5 Seepage Analysis 
6 Compaction of soil 
7 Stress distribution in soil 
8 Shear strength of soil 
9 Retaining wall / earth pressure theories 
10 Stability Analysis of slopes
11 Sheet pile walls 
12 Shallow foundation and Bearing capacity 
13 Deep foundation 
14 Soil stabilization 
15 Soil Exploration 

marks weightage 
 IES - 20 to 25 objective
          50 to 60 marks conventional

GATE - 10 to 11 marks

SSC JE - 8 to 10 marks objective
              20 to 30 marks conventional
Basics of Soil mechanics 
Karl Terzaghi is father of soil mechanics .
The process of formation of soil is term as Pedogenesis.
The soil is form due to weathering of rock which may be carried out either physically or chemically .
Physical agency involved in weathering are running water ,ice gravity , wind etc . and chemical agency are involved in weathering are oxidation carbonation reduction etc.
If weather material is retain over parent rock ,soil is term as residual soil and if it transported then soil is term as transported soil .

Types of soil
1 Alluvial soil
2 Lacustrine soil
3 Marine soil
4 Aeoline soil
5 Loess
6 Colluvial
7 Glacial
8 Marl
9 Bentonite
10 Tuff
11 Black cotton soil
12 Laterite soil
13 Muck  soil
14 Peat soil
15 Loam soil

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