Schmidt Rebound Hammer Test

Schmidt Rebound Hammer Test

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Rebound hammer test is conducted to find out the compressive strength of concrete. Rebound hammer consist of a spring control mass that slides over the plunger in tubular casing .When the hammer is pressed against the concrete surface to be tested ,and retards against the force of the spring carrying along the rider with it .Movement of which is noted over the scale and is referred as rebound number .Which is further used to indicate the strength of the concrete .

The result of this test depends upon the several factors as,

Smoothness of the surface under the test .
Age of the specimen.
Internal and external moisture condition.
Size ,shape and rigidity of specimen.
Types of coarse aggregate and mould used.
Types of cements used .

It depends on the angle on which the rebound hammer is placed to do the test .
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