Design Steel structure handwritten notes

Design Steel structure handwritten notes

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Content :
1 Structural Fasteners 
2 Tension member 
3 Compression member 
4 Beams 
5 Plate Girders
6 Industrial Roofs 
7 Plastic Analsis

marks weightage
IES - 20 to 22 objective
          40 to 50 marks conventional

GATE - 5 to 7 marks

SSC JE - 9 to 12 marks objective
              20 to 40 marks conventional 

Basics of Design Steel structure 
Nominal diameter = The diameter of the shank of a rivet before riveting ,is called the nominal diameter .For a bolt ,the diameter of the unthreaded portion of the shank is called its nominal diameter .

Effective diameter or gross diameter : The effective or gross diameter of a rivet is equal to the diameter of the hole it fills after riveting . For a bolt ,the nominal diameter is same as the gross diameter .

Net area : The net area of a bolt  is the area at the root of thread .

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