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Line joining points of equal or same elevation called contour lines.
Contour interval:
Difference of elevation between two consecutive contour is called contour interval.Contour interval is kept same for a map .So that the different features can be identified just by looking at map .

Horizontal equivalent:
Distance between two consecutive contour is called horizontal equivalent.

Properties of Contour Interval:
1> If counters are parallel to each other and the distance between them are also constant .It represent uniform slope.
2>Closely spaced contours represent steep slope,however distant contour, contours represents relatively mild area.
3> If the contours are closed then it represents either a hill or a pound.
4>Ridge line or valley line intersects counter at right angle.
5>Two counters of different elevation neither cross each other nor join.
If reading are increase toward centre ,it represents a hill.However, if it is decreasing  toward centre ,it represents a pound or valley.

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