Bricks and Its composition

Bricks and Its composition

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1> alumina (20-30%)
2> silica (50-60%)
3> lime (4-5%)
4> oxide of iron (5-6%)
5> magnesia (<1%)

1> Alumina
it imparts plasticity to the brick earth ,in so that it can be easily mould into required shape and size . if it is in excess it causes shrinkage and warping during drying and bricks becomes too hard when it burnt and break easily .

2> Silica 

It prevents cracking ,shrinkage and warping of the bricks ,thus imparts uniform shape and size to the bricks .If it is in excess ,it destroy the cohesion between the particle due to which brick become brittle .


it also prevent shrinkage of the bricks ,if it is in excess it causes the bricks to melt .hence result in their lost shape .During burning process lumps of the lime are converted into quick lime that undergoes slaking in the presence of the moisture resulting in the increased  volume thereby leading to the cracking are splitting of the bricks .

4> Oxides of iron 

it helps in fusion of lime and silica with each other,moreover it also imparts reddish brown shade to the bricks .

5>Magnesium oxide

 it impart yellow shade to the bricks and avoids the shrinkage in bricks .if it is in excess it leads to decay of bricks .
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