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Lime is obtained by the  of  calcination lime stone .Calcination is the process of heating an ore upto the redness.

Different types of lime 
1> fat lime - This lime slakes vigorously due to which its volume increase by 2 to 2.5 times ,than its original volume .Hence it is referred as fat lime. It posses perfectly white color ,hence it is also termed as white lime .It is option by the calcination of lime stone approx 95% of purity .Hence it is also referred as pure lime ,rich lime or highly caustic lime.Hence it is use in engineering work where asthetic importance is more .example 
A> white washing 
credit The Construction Civil

2> Hydraulic lime - It is referred as water lime as it is capable of setting in water and in damp location . It is obtained by the calcination of lime stone having purity in the range of 70 -92%.It is insoluble in water and posses off white color .It hardens comparitively faster than fat lime ,hence it is used in engineering work where strength is required .example 

A>Brick masonary  B> stone masonary

credit Natural Mortars by Edison Coatings, Inc

3>Poor lime
-It is also referred as impure lime or lean lime as it is obtain from the calcination of the lime stone having purity lees then 70%. This lime does not undergoes slaking ,hardness very slowly and posses muddy white color .hence ,it is used in engineering works of minor important .

example 1> Brickwork around foundation

Application of Lime :

it is used for the treatment of water .
it is used for the stablization of soil .
it is used for the manufacturing of glass .
it is used for plastering and white washing .
it is used in brick masonary and stone masonary.

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